Upcoming Webinars

Labour Market Observatory Webinar Series: The role of parents and carers in providing careers guidance and how they can be better supported – Tuesday 15 September, 10am

In the dramatically changed labour market, it will be critical to ensure that young people in education receive the best possible careers support. Parents and carers have an ever increasingly crucial role to play with careers support, so it is important to understand what works, so that they can help effectively. This webinar will hear from Dr Sally-Anne Barnes and Professor Jenny Bimrose from the Warwick Institute for Employment Research who will examine what works and discuss how they can be better supported. Register here

In conversation with the ESFA – Traineeships – Friday 25 September, 1:30pm

Join the ESFA on September 25th between 1.30pm and 2.30pm to hear about the procurement opportunities for colleges, details on the employer incentive, and how the Delivery Framework will help providers. At the end of the session, there will also be an update on the redundancy service options for young people. Register here.

Ransomware Webinar with NCSC: How to minimise and mitigate attacks – Tuesday 22 September, 10am

As you’ve doubtless heard, there’s recently been an increase in relatively sophisticated ransomware attacks on educational institutions, including colleges. Some of these attacks have caused (and continue to cause) considerable disruption, and it’s perhaps it’s no coincidence that they have hit at the time of year when they’re likely to cause maximum disruption.
So what does this mean for your college? How prepared are you?
In this hour-long session, NCSC experts will give a brief threat briefing and explain how colleges can best protect themselves from such attacks as well as take important steps to help minimise the damage inflicted by a range of cyber-attacks. They’ll also be an opportunity to ask questions. Register here.

What does high quality online delivery look like? – Tuesday 20 October, 2pm and Wednesday 21 October, 2pm

The 20/21 academic year will look very different for colleges and blended learning programmes will be a key part of colleges’ curriculum delivery. This online event will explore and share approaches to ensure your college is delivering high quality online learning. Register here. 

AoC Further Education HR Conference – Wednesday 21 October, 10am and Thursday 22 October, 10am

The AoC Further Education HR Online Conference will take place over two days and will focus on future-proofing – how to build and sustain a robust and innovative HR strategy to take us in to a continuously evolving future. College’s have embraced the rapid pace of change thrust upon us by the Covid-19 and now, more than ever, the FE HR community needs to develop the policies, practices and foresight to create sustainable and resilient organisations and workforces. Our aim is that this event will enhance and develop your skills, and that of your teams, to be able to better face these future challenges. Register online. 

Apprenticeships now and in the 2020s Online Conference – Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 November, 10am

This online event, developed in partnership with SDN, will explore how you might improve and adapt apprenticeship delivery now and into the future. Taking place over two days, the event will offer a mix of practical and strategic sessions that will focus on four key themes: Aligning your curriculum offer with the ever-changing talent pipeline needs of employers, Maintaining and growing long term relationships with employers, Technology in apprenticeships now and in the future and Developing your apprenticeship staff and team ready for the future. Register here.

AoC SEND Online Conference – Wednesday 2 December, 10am and Thursday 3 December, 10am

This year’s annual SEND Conference will take place online across two days and will offer delegates the space to share and discuss how you can best support the progression of your SEND students and deliver high quality teaching and learning. Through a mix of expert speakers and best practice caste studies you will gain the latest updates and guidance to ensure the best possible outcomes for the SEND students in your college. Register here.

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