Good Practice in Governance in Preparing for EIF: An AoC masterclass

This interactive virtual workshop provides a deeper understanding of how you can EIF key judgment requirements for governance, leadership and management. You will be taken through how as a governance board member, you can consider the strategies that inform setting the vision and strategic direction of your provision, the setting of key priorities for leadership and management and the style of effective support and challenge to leaders and managers.

During the workshop there will be time for discussion focusing on the current key aspects of governance and good practice examples. We will review the structure of Terms of Reference and the key priorities of what good governance looks like.

Aspects that you can expect to achieve

  • Develop a greater understanding of the Ofsted EIF 2020 key judgments that relate to governance. Understand the responsibilities for governors/board members to consider with the EIF, including meeting external auditing body expectations, safeguarding and Prevent legislatory requirements


  • Consider the current top governance priorities for setting the vision, organisational Strategic Plan and priorities and Curriculum planning, including Intent, Implementation and Impact for effective reporting up to board level


  • Review the appropriate selection, content and timeliness of reports provided for the board to scrutinise that embed the relevant EIF key requirements. Explore the range of support and challenge strategies that may be used with leaders and managers during governance meetings, to inform quality assurance and improvement arrangements


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Key information

Date:24 Nov 2020

10:00 – 11:30


AoC Member Colleges: £50 + VAT
Affiliate organisations: £60 + VAT
Non-Member (College/Public Sector): £70 + VAT
Non-Member (Commercial): £85 + VAT


We have a new cancellation policy for all online events with no cancellation fee up to a week prior to the event so you can book with peace of mind if your circumstances change.




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