Building and managing multi-location and remote teams in challenging times

2020 has seen many challenges for managers and team leaders regarding how they manage their teams. Even before the move to remote working, many managers were having to manage diverse teams over differing sites and locations. These teams often have differing cultures and expectations, even if they are from similar functional and/or curriculum areas.

The challenges of distance and the lack of face-to-face contact have meant that managers have had to manage, develop and support their teams in differing ways.

This workshop will explore some current approaches to remote management of teams and explore how they can help your teams cope with the ‘next normal’.

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Key information

Date:13 Oct 2020

10:00 – 11:30


AoC Member Colleges: £50 + VAT
Affiliate organisations: £60 + VAT
Non-Member (College/Public Sector): £70 + VAT
Non-Member (Commercial): £85 + VAT


We have a new cancellation policy for all online events with no cancellation fee up to a week prior to the event so you can book with peace of mind if your circumstances change.




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