Ransomware Webinar with NCSC: How to minimise and mitigate attacks

As you’ve doubtless heard, there’s recently been an increase in relatively sophisticated ransomware attacks on educational institutions, including colleges. Some of these attacks have caused (and continue to cause) considerable disruption, and it’s perhaps it’s no coincidence that they have hit at the time of year when they’re likely to cause maximum disruption.

So what does this mean for your college? How prepared are you?

In this hour-long session, NCSC experts will give a brief threat briefing and explain how colleges can best protect themselves from such attacks as well as take important steps to help minimise the damage inflicted by a range of cyber-attacks. They’ll also be an opportunity to ask questions.

Although aimed primarily at technical staff, the session is also recommended to senior college leaders who, after all, ultimately bear the responsibility for their organisation’s cyber security and resilience.

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Key information

Date:22 Sep 2020

10:00 – 11:00
Online via Zoom






Registration enquiries:
020 7034 2620


Financial enquiries:
020 7034 9906