Leadership Training

Inspired executive leadership training in FE

How do you become a better leader in further education?

You need to develop effective learner driven strategies, foster your own leadership style and mindset and establish the right culture to drive your college to sustainable success.

To do all of that on your own would be really tough.

Which is precisely why we developed AoC’s Senior Leadership Programme. When you join our highly regarded programme, you gain access to a leadership roadmap specifically for FE leaders, highly experienced facilitators, resources and a community to encourage and support you.

Led by Larry Shulman and Debbie Wilshire this programme will set you on the right path for success.



Sign up to a taster webinar by Larry Shulman by clicking on the link below:

Have a read of Debbie Wilshire‘s recent blog ‘What is all this leadership stuff anyway?’

What have others said about the programme?

‘The AoC Senior Leadership Programme was extremely valuable for my professional development. The delivery team was professional, supportive and challenged new ways of thinking. As a result of my engagement with the programme, I developed long lasting connections with other professionals. Several years later, this network remains a current resource that I can call upon to share practice or discuss organisational challenges; as a leader, being able to draw upon connections with other colleagues from across the country has been incredibly useful.’ Ellen Thinnesen, Chief Executive, Education Partnership North East

‘I found the Senior Leadership Programme invaluable for my development as a senior leader. Each module helped challenge my thinking and explore key issues from the wide variety of perspectives that make up the FE sector. I think the course helped me with some technical skills and knowledge, but more importantly helped me with that shift of mindset and agility of approach needed to be a successful senior leader in an ever-changing sector.’ Uly Lyons, CEO, Better Futures Multi-Academy Trust (BFMAT)

‘All in all the best staff development I have ever had.’ Anna Openshaw-Lawrence, Vice Principal, College of North West London

‘Returning to college after the programme I had a clear idea of how this big step change from Ofsted should be managed. I insisted we carefully manage the process and involve the middle managers and staff fully in the process, essentially following the key principles taught, discussed and practiced on the course. The outcome was a complete change to the way we planned curriculum and felt very ready for an early inspection. We were a college without a grade, recently merged grade 4 and grade 3. Who deservedly got a grade 2 Good outcome from our recent inspection.’ Andrew Williams, Assistant Principal, Warrington and Vale Royal College

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