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Optimising your social media presence

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Optimising your social media presence

How do we make sure that our content is effective at grabbing attention, generating engagement and getting followers to act?

The social media content challenge

Brands are seeing lower engagement levels from content on social media platforms, and lower volumes of referrals to their websites.

One of the reasons for this is content overload. There’s simply so much content being shared that followers are bombarded with information, often on similar themes, day in day out. Once a keyword or theme becomes popular marketers create similar content to capitalise on that theme. It becomes impossible for brands to be seen as unique and be heard amongst this noise.

Added to that mix is the rise of fake news, scams and misinformation which have led to a sharp decline in trust amongst consumers – and a resulting reluctance by them to click through to websites or landing pages.

What’s more, the changing algorithms of the social media networks are designed to give page content lower organic reach with the objective of getting page owners to boost posts via advertising spend. They want you to spend hard cash to get your message seen, although ad spend still does not guarantee good results.

In the face of these factors, how can you make sure that your content is viewed as authentic, gets seen and most importantly, acted upon?

Generating ideas for social media content

All too often we see page owners running out of ideas for social media content, relying too much on national theme days, or trying a bit of everything without much success. Not only is the channel failing in meeting marketing objectives but this situation has the potential to damage your brand reputation.

To keep your social media channels active and effective it’s important to generate the right content ideas that will get your marketing messages across without being too sales-focused. Social media isn’t broadcast media, it’s not about shouting until someone listens. Winning content ideas engage the reader so that they get value from the exchange – they’ll reward you with likes, content and follows.

Social media marketing formats

Gone are the days of creating one post and sharing it like-for-like across all platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the rest all have their own best-practice, from the format of images through to character length and the optimum use of hashtags.

The good news is that this is a problem that every social media marketer faces, and consequently much testing and evaluation has taken place to identify best practice for each platform. As a marketer this information is gold dust as it means that you can cut straight to the most effective formats for your chosen platform.

Managing social media marketing resource

In many organisations the social media team is a “team of one”, a lonely role left to identify content themes, create content and schedule posts alone. We argue that social media marketing is not just the realm of the specialist, but a community engagement tool that should encompass the contribution from across your organisation. Many hands make light work indeed.

Additionally, organisational processes can get in the way of the spontaneity that social media requires. How can you respond quickly and effectively to a comment when planning processes can take days, weeks or months? What do you do when the social media marketing specialist leaves your organisation and no-one knows what the passwords are, let alone how to manage the campaigns?

We share with you our experience of managing social media marketing across complex organisations and will provide you with clear advice on how to overcome these challenges.

How to win at social media marketing

Social media marketing can easily become a resource-intensive channel for marketing teams to manage. With careful planning and pragmatism we believe that it can be effective both in terms of meeting organisational objectives and in resource investment.

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